Release14 d.o.o. is a EU based company, 100% privately owned, founded in May 2020 and envisioned as a holding company for the Release14 Group of companies, however due to Brexit, decision was made to let it undertake other group activities and provide services as well on its own within EU market.

December 2020 marked acquisition of 100% shares of Release14 LTD, UK based company operating worldwide since 2012 with share capital of 1.5mil GBP. Release14 LTD was positioned as market leader in providing Tailor made Lawful Interception and Data Retention systems as well as providing other highly advanced and specialised anti-fraud and security systems for some of the largest network providers in the world. To this day Release14 LTD was the first company that provided Open Source Lawful Interception solution for small ISPs who generally could not afford such systems from big vendors and could not justify ZERO ROI.

February 2021 has marked start of acquisition of another company brand, under Release14 umbrella, that provides monitoring and operational support for Release14 clients. Details will be announced once transfer of the ownership is completed. 

New company was envisioned as part of Release14 Umbrella and news will soon be announced, but sufficient to say, Company in question is to provide know-how and best-practices in System Integration with partners providing over 200 years of niche industry experience. Each partner will provide very niche knowledge in order for the company to be able to tackle with System Integration, Operations and Architecture standpoint that no one company in the world currently posses.


High performance solutions, tailor made to fit each customer specific requirements, using industry best-practice and Release14 know-how. There are very few companies with know-how to develop own stacks and even less that understand and willing to do in-kernel development. Anything is possible, only question is can the technology of today support it.


Whether you are looking to implement 3GPP/IETF stack on your own or looking at one of the key players to provide you with one, can’t decide on virtualization platform or thinking to move into cloud and no idea what is the right approach, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts have years of experience in this fields, hence we even wrote lots of the stacks ourselves and even if we might not know something (yes we can’t believe it either, contrary to belief, we don’t know everything) our worldwide connections will find best person/company to help you out.


You require 8×5 or 24×7 Operational support or just One-Time support in development or in implementing Open Source systems we can help you out, just don’t ask us about web development, we admit, there we are definitely not experts, but we do know Linux/Unix, we know SS7, low level network stacks, how to use wireshark, how to debug things and how operational support should be done.



Josip Duricic


18 years industry experience


Marina Tot Duricic


13 years industry experience


Marc Givogue

AVP Mobile Network Services

27 years industry experience

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